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General info[edit]

Stylus Headset.jpg
Use the stylus pen to accept phone calls when the phone is docked or to write notes and draw using the special tip.

The stylus has 3 buttons, a power button, and volume up and down buttons. The sound quality of the stylus is very good, it's as clear as the phones speaker. It also contains a LED indicator, which is blue when the stylus is turned on.

It's charged using the same USB cable that comes with the phone. The LED light on the stylus will be red while charging, and blue when it's finished charging.

The stylus also has a vibration feature, to make sure you don't miss any calls whenever the phone is docked, and muted.

More details[edit]

Stylus Headset Details.jpg

Dimensions 148..3 x 11.94 x 12.98 mm (WxDxH)

Weight 26.48 g

Bluetooth Compliance Bluetooth 3.0 class II

Bluetooth IC Version CSR BC6145 ROM version

Bluetooth Profiles Supported Basic: HSP v1.1 / HFP v1.5

Performance Bluetooth v3.0 compliant Class II, the maximum radius of 10M distance (no obstacle)*

Operating Frequency 2400 GHz ~ 2484 GHz ISM Band

Operating Range 10 meters (33 feet)

Charging Time < 1.5 hours

Talk Time 7 hours

Standby Time 240 hours

Charging Plug Micro-USB