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Chinese dragon

Chinese dragon is the mark of safety and success. It is seen as the Supreme Being among all creatures shrines and temples have been created to honor them.

There are eight dragons, the wind dragon, the earth dragon, beach dragon, water dragon, air dragon, fire dragon, golden dragon, hill dragon and incredible dragon.

Asian Dragons get a grip on the oceans, rivers, lakes, and water. Being the divine mythic dog, the Dragon can defend against wandering evil spirits, protect the innocent and bestow security to all or any.

Dragon is traditionally connected with East direction and it's thought that Placing picture of monster on the East side of house or office will defend from negative energy and will bring great fortune.

Chinese dragon & Phoenix - for happy marriage

Chinese dragon and phoenix would be the perfect pair which represents Yang (dragon )and Yin (phoenix ) in feng shui. Yang character is alone taken by phoenix nevertheless when phoenix gets together with dragon or placed beside a, it becomes Yin.

Dragon and Phoenix pair symbolize emperor and empress and they represent a happy union blessed with success and wealth.

The Dragon and Phoenix pair brings not just strengthens relationships. It may also relight the fires of a relationship with the fiery power of the Phoenix.

Once the image is put in Southwest corner of your house. the perfect Chinese mark as well for people who are singles looking for real love.

Turtle dragon ( Dragon mind tortoise ) - for prosperity, career & company achievement, long life, safety

This amazing person turtle monster represents brilliant forces of two of them and four spiritually endowed creatures of lucky Chinese meaning.

The beast gets the head of dragon, your body of turtle, and is sitting on coins and gold ingots. And there is a child turtle on the trunk.

Turtle represents longevity.. It's believed that the turtle ( turtle ) will have the ability to reside 3,000 years without air and food.

Asian Dragon signifies success, power, courage and determination.

Silver ingots signify prosperity and success.

Asian ancient coins represent increasing revenue.

Child turtle signifies great descendant fortune.

Great destination for a present this strong image is North corner of your home once the product is constructed of metal or on your own work table.

Monster head sailing ship - For all your success

Sailing ship is called smooth sailing success and riches which bring prosperity and wealth from water and wind.

It is being among the most popular designs of business & career achievement in Chinese culture.

Sailing vessels are usually exhibited nearby the entrance of shop or office at lower position than coffee table and with several coins or silver jewelry on the ship.

Because it symbolized the winds bringing more business, more business and thus more revenue quite a long time before, several old-style Chinese entrepreneurs applied the sailing ship as their brand.

Next to the dragon, the sailing ship may be the hottest image that is used by Chinese businessmen.

Dragon head sailing ship is a combination of two achievement representations, that be effective and increase yang power around the region.

It is said to provide favorable luck for all your goals even personal success.

Position of the sailing ship has to be arriving, maybe not going away and number higher than coffee table..

Dragon dance

In Chinese new year, Dragon dance is held for party to welcome new year and is just a important event for opportunities. Monster party is believed to create good Qi power..

Similar dance is used marriages in China.