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Dynamic Display Switching is simply the way the screen changes when you dock and undock the Padfone.

Starting from Android 4.0 (Ice Scream Sandwitch), the operating system supports mutliple screen sizes. Ona smaller 4.3 inch screen it will use a phone style layout, but on a larger 10.1 inch screen, the operating system uses a tablet interface, which has a lot more space.

But because the Padfone is both, a phone and a tablet, it has to be able to switch between the phone and tablet interface.

Asus created their own system for this, whenever you dock the Padfone inside the Padfone Station, you will see that the complete interface changes to suite the larger screen.

There is however one downside, a lot of apps do not support the Dynamic Display Switching. That's why we've created a list with compatible apps. The list shows if the app works in phone mode, in tablet mode, and if it does in both, if it supports the seamless switching.

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